Rules and Regulations





  1. Automobiles must be parked in the assigned parking space for that unit. Unit Owners, their tenants and guests shall not park vehicles in the parking spaces assigned to other units. “NO PARKING” areas shall be enforced and the Board may order towing of any unlawfully parked vehicles at the owner’s expense for both towing and storage. Cars with no Bienvenue stickers, or expired state inspection stickers, will be towed at the owner’s expense.


  1. NO REPAIR or DEAD STORAGE of VEHICLES (including but not limited to cars, boats, motor scooters, trailers, etc.) After a 72-hour notice to remove such vehicles or equipment, the Association shall have the right to remove such vehicles or equipment at the expense of the owner.


  1. Only private passenger vehicles shall be parked on the complex, NO COMMERCIAL or other vehicles shall be permitted, except for maintenance purposes.


  1. Use of recreational facility comprising of the common elements will be in such a manner as to respect the rights of other Unit Owners and residents. Use of recreational facilities will be controlled by regulations to be issued at the time of rental.


  1. No radio or television antennae, air conditioning units, satellite dishes or other appurtenance, or wiring for any purpose may be installed on the exterior of a building or protruding through the walls, windows or on the roof thereof without the written consent of the Association.


  1. A Unit Owner may identify his/her unit with a nameplate of type and size approved by the Association and mounted in a place and manner approved by the Association, metal signs only of front doors and only stick-on numbers on storm doors. No other sign may be displayed on the unit. “For sale” or “For Rent” signs must be approved by the Association and displayed from inside the unit from a window from the inside of the unit.


  1. The balconies and patios shall be used only for the purpose intended, only appropriate patio furniture and electric grills permitted to be placed on the balconies and patios. Charcoal and gas grills must be utilized a minimum of five (5) feet from the building. All other items are to be stored inside the unit. Drying of laundry or hanging of any objects outside the owner’s unit is forbidden. No gas tanks shall be permitted to be stored on the patio of balcony or in a unit or heater room.


  1. No articles belonging to a Unit owner or occupants of any unit will be kept in the common elements, and these areas shall be kept free of obstruction.


  1. Second floor units and stairs leading there shall be carpeted from wall-to-wall except the bathroom and kitchen.


  1. Disposition of garbage and trash shall be only by use of receptacles supplied by the Association. Furniture, appliances and other large items are to be placed in the bulk trash area. All refrigerators are to have the doors removed. Cardboard and cardboard boxes are to be crushed before being put in the dumpsters.


  1. No pets will be allowed in the condominium, unless they are confined to the owner’s unit. Pets must be registered with the Township and the Condominium Office and must have all current licenses and inoculations required by the Township and must comply with all Township regulations. No pet may be kept which may cause any annoyance of any kind to neighboring units’ occupants. All pets shall be hand-carried or on a leash while outside the unit on the Condominium property. No pets will be left on patios or balconies or tied up outside the units. AT NO TIME ARE PETS TO BE ALLOWED TO RUN FREE IN ANY AREA OF THE CONDOMINIUM PROPERTY. OWNERS OF PETS ARE TO WALK THEM IN THE “DESIGNATED PET AREA” LOCATED IN THE FIELD BY CAMPUS DRIVE. OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLLE FOR CLEANING UP FECES AND PLACEING THE SAME IN A SEALED PLASTIC BAG FOR DIPOSAL. Pets are not to be walked around any building or yard.


  1. No unit owner or occupant may make or permit any disturbing noises in or outside the unit by the owner, owner’s tenant, family, friends, servants, or guests no do or permit anything to be done by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of the other unit owners or occupants. No unit owner or occupant may play or suffer to be played any musical instrument, phonograph, radio, television, stereo, vehicle radio if the same shall disturb or annoy the other unit owners or occupants of the Condominium. Stereo speakers should be elevated off the floor. Televisions and stereos placed on inside walls. Any activities both inside and outside the unit that are a source of noise including but not limited to the use of vacuum cleaners, washing machines, outside activities and the like, are strictly forbidden between the hours of 10:00PM and 8:00AM. The hours of 10:00PM through 8:00PM shall be designated “QUIET TIME”. No unit owner, owner’s tenants, family, friends, servants, or guests shall permit any child of the age of fourteen (14) or younger to be outside of the unit between the hours of 9:00PM and 8:00 Am.


  1. Unit Owners or occupants shall not occupy or use their units in any manner which is a source of annoyance to their residents, or which interferes with the safe and peaceful possession, enjoyment and proper use of units by other residents, or which is so disorderly as to destroy the peace and quiet of the occupants or other tenants residing therein.


  1. No Unit Owner, occupant, tenant or guest shall willfully or by reason of gross negligence cause or allow damage, destruction, or injury to the premises or to other owners, residents, tenants or guests.


  1. All other requirements of the Master Deed and By-Laws shall be compiled with and enforced by the Board of Trustees.


  1. Annual dues and assessments shall be paid by the respective unit owners in equal monthly installments not paid shall be due on the 1st (FIRST) day of each month. Dues and assessments not paid by the 10th (TENTH) day of each month will be deemed late, a thirty (30) day late charge will be imposed each moth if there is an outstanding balance. On the occasion, the tenth of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the next business day will be considered the tenth. In the event payment regarding dues and assessments, including any additional charges, is delinquent for a period of sixty (60) days after the due date, the Board may initiate legal action and exercise its option to accelerate payment of the remaining yearly installments and the entire amount of the assessment shall become due and payable. A lien for such accelerated assessment shall be files. The Board of Management Agent or Agent acting on behalf of the Board, may send notifications of the action to the unit owner and the mortgage lender. LEGAL FEES AND COSTS WILL ALSO BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE UNIT OWNER. As long as the unit owner’s account remains delinquent, the right of the delinquent unit owner to use the facilities of the Condominium Association and to serve on any committee established by the Board, shall be suspended until such delinquent assessment has been paid, unless relief is granted by special resolution of the Board.
  2. Checks rejected by any bank for any reason shall be assessed a charge of $40.00 or the amount charged by the bank, whichever is greater.
  3. There shall be no alterations to the common elements without the express written approval of the Board of Trustees. This includes windows, doors patios and balconies.
  4. All Rules and Regulations applicable to the condominium shall be enforced against the Unit Owner. The Board may make direct contact with tenants with notification to the owners; however, the owner is responsible for the assessment of any fines or penalties.
  5.   A. Every unit owner shall supply to the Board, his/her name, address, telephone number of home, work, cellular and a list of all occupants, including the names and ages of all children to occupy the unit, vehicle information, and such other information as requested by the Association, immediately upon purchasing the unit, by completing the Association Information Report.
       B. Any unit owner who intends to rent his/her unit shall provide the Board of Trustees with the name, address, telephone number o of home, work, cellular and a list of all occupants, including the names and ages of all children to occupy the unit, vehicle information, pet information, photo identification of both owners and tenants, and such other information as requested by the Association by completing the Association Information Report.
       C. All leases for the unit shall not be less than a term of one (1) year and must contain a signed Lease Rider in the form required by the Association as attached hereto. Unit Owners must provide the Association with a complete and written copy of the Lease and Lease rider ten (10) days prior to the commencement of the Lease. Landlords must disclose the names and contact numbers of all tenants concurrent with the submission of such documents. Unit owners with existing tenancies must have a Lease Rider signed for all existing leases. A current copy of all leases and Lease Riders for units at the Association must be provided on an ongoing basis with the Association’s managing agent at the managing office. No owner shall lease less than the entire unit and the unit may only be used for normal residential purposes. Unit owners must supply a copy of credit, landlord/tenant, criminal background reports, and a copy of the rental application, regarding all proposed tenants. Unit owners must supply a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy, issued by the Township, regarding all tenancies prior to the tenant’s occupancy of the unit. A suggested rental application is attached hereto.
     D. Each unit owner shall inform his/her prospective tenant(s) and the tenant(s) is obligated to abide by the governing documents and rules and regulations of the Association. All Unit owners and adult tenants must sign a lease and Lease Rider. Unit Owners shall supply a copy of the Lease, Lease Rider, and the Rules and Regulations (a copy of the Rules and Regulations can be obtained from the Association office) to each Tenant.
       E.  If the unit owner is in arrears for unpaid assessments, fines or other dues and charges, the Association may require the tenant to make payment to the Association of its rent and the Association shall apply same to the unit owner’s outstanding balance. Failure of tenants to make such payment to the association will be a violation of these rules and regulations and subject to the remedy set forth herein or in the Lease Rider. Failure of any unit owner to comply with the terms and requirements contained herein shall result in the imposition of a fine in the amount determined by the Board which shall be collected in the same manner as provided for in the governing documents for the collection of delinquent assessments and such other action from the Association that is authorized to obtain compliance.
        F. All required information provided by the unit owner must be updated within ten (10) days of any changes thereto.


  1. Occupancy of the units shall be in strict accordance with the provisions of the New Jersey Multiple Dwelling Act and Burlington Township Ordinances regarding occupancy.
  2. The Board may delegate authority to any individual or committee to act on its behalf to investigate and bring charges against any Unit Owner. Any imposition of fines or penalties shall be the responsibility of the Board.
  3. Every unit owner must maintain utility services at the unit. Every unit owner shall maintain the heat in their unit at not less than 68 degrees from October 1 through May 1,
  4. All minor children shall be in compliance with all state and local laws, rules and regulations regarding safety, including the wearing of protective helmets.
  5. Each unit owner shall obtain and maintain an appropriate condominium insurance policy insuring each unit owned by the said owner, considering said policy to be appropriate considering as to the instance of owner/occupancy of the unit or owner/rental of the unit. Each unit owner shall provide to the Association proof of the existence of the condominium policy as required herein and shall supply the said proof within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Resolution, to wit: May 1, 2013. Further, each owner shall supply proof of the continuing coverage on an annual basis.



Effective May 1, 2013