Snow Removal Procedure


February 22. 2019


Dear Unit Owners & Tenants...As you all should be aware, we are in for a storm and some bad weather starting in the morning.  Based on the current forecasts it will start as snow in the mid to late morning (1-3" inches). However it will later turn to rain between 3-6pm in our area.  It will continue to warm up and be in the 50's on Thursday.


We were given the option of pre-treating with ice melt, but the decision has been made to NOT PRETREAT will ice melt.  Since the storm itself will finish with significant rain and warmer temperatures we also feel that there will be little to no snow left on the hard surfaces, once the event is over. So as it stands now there will be NO SNOW REMOVAL. 


Please plan accordingly, and if you can, just stay in and ride out the storm. If you have to get somewhere please be safe and be careful on all roads and walkways.




Gus Altieri

Bienvenue Property Manager & Accountant



The winter months can bring much joy for Bienvenue Condominium Association residents with the holidays approaching and families getting together.  If past winters are any indication, and with the colder weather quickly approaching, many Community Associations in the Northeastern U.S. will also experience significant snowfall.  The snow removal procedures below will help to safely expedite the snow removal process in your Community.
In order to prepare for these inclement weather events, homeowners should be aware of the snow removal procedures for Bienvenue Condominium Association.  By having
some general knowledge of these snow removal procedures, Bienvenue residents can help to facilitate the timely removal of snow and ice from the streets and sidewalks of their Community.
Here are some general reminders that you should keep in mind regarding snow
removal procedures for Bienvenue Condominium Association, Inc.:
•    Our snow removal contract requires the snow removal contractor to begin plowing the community streets once two (2”) inches of snow has fallen.  Vehicles parked on the street will only impede efforts for snow plow trucks and other equipment to complete their tasks.  Individual sidewalks & driveways, porches (where applicable), mailbox pads, and dumpster bays are normally cleared of snow once the snow has ended so that the contractor is not clearing the same areas twice, and can also focus on keeping the streets open to the Community.
•    Prior to an anticipated snow accumulation, the Property Manager, Community Snow Maintenance Volunteers, Community Porter and Contractor, will discuss whether   de-icing/anti-icing preparation (i.e. Rock Salt, Sand/Salt combination, Magnesium Chloride Pellets, Calcium Chloride Crystals etc.,) should be applied to the main streets and access entrances to each Court.
•    Parking areas and spaces create the greatest challenge for snow removal in Community Associations.  In order, to better assist the community as a whole, and the contractor, the following parking spaces are to remain vacant at the start of the snowfall.  These spaces will be utilized by the contractor to plow snow into. If these space(s) have vehicles in them, once the snow begins to fall, they will be charged equally for the total cost of plowing the entire court.  

-    Parking Spaces        Unit Address
-    21                832 Henri Ct
-    22                831 Henri Ct
-    23                830 Henri Ct
-    24                829 Henri Ct
-    25                828 Henri Ct
-    26                827 Henri Ct
-    32                822 Henri Ct
-    33                819 Henri Ct
-    34                820 Henri Ct
-    36                817 Henri Ct
-    37                818 Henri Ct
-    138                1148 Kaye Ct
-    139                1147 Kaye Ct
-    140                1146 Kaye Ct
-    141                1145 Kaye Ct
-    142                1143 Kaye Ct
-    143                1144 Kaye Ct
-    148                1138 Kaye Ct
-    149                1137 Kaye Ct
-    150                1135 Kaye Ct
-    151                1136 Kaye Ct
-    152                1133 Kaye Ct
-    153                1134 Kaye Ct
-    195                1228 Liberte Ct
-    196                1227 Liberte Ct
-    197                1226 Liberte Ct    

•    The snow removal work can only be completed after vehicles have been moved from these areas and the snowfall has ended.  Please make sure that your vehicles are moved from your reserved parking spaces prior to the start of the snowfall, to the designated overflow areas, in order for the contactor to safely maneuver his equipment to clear the Courts and reserved parking spaces upon his arrival.
•    If vehicles aren’t moved before the snowfall, then the Association is no longer responsible per the Governing Documents, to maintain snow removal around the perimeter of vehicles that weren’t moved, and the snow which has pilled-up do to the contractor’s inability to properly access the Courts and resident’s parking spaces.

•    Do not push snow off vehicles into the previously cleared driveways, parking spaces, or roadways, without shoveling the snow onto un-cleared areas.  It is important to remember that leaving this snow on cleared areas creates hazardous conditions for yourself & others within the Community.  In addition, re-plowing or shoveling the previously cleared areas is inefficient, time consuming, and expensive for the Community.
•    Should you have medical conditions (visiting nurses, planned supply deliveries, etc.) or priority employment (doctor, nurse, or emergency personnel, etc.) concerns, it is important to make certain to let your property manager know before the storm arrives.  The property manager may be able to put you on a priority list for snow removal services to your home, or Community volunteers may be able to assist.

Please contact your property manager first if you have a request, or concern regarding snow removal in our Community Association.  Your issue should then be able to be addressed in a timely manner without the snow removal contractor being diverted from his/hers duties.

Warm Regards,
Augustine D. Altieri, CPA
Bienvenue Condominium Association, Inc.
Property Manager & Accountant