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Dear Homeowners and Tenants:

We have been experiencing over the past several months increasing amounts of improper trash & furniture disposal on the property, and the expense incurred by the Association for its  removal. The  Board wishes to inform all homeowners and/or tenants that rules regarding dumpsters and trash/furniture disposal will be strictly enforced. The Bienvenue Condominium Association Rules and Regulations ("Dumpsters" and "Trash Disposal") state, in part, that:

1.    Disposition of garbage and trash should be securely bagged and placed in one of the  trash receptacles supplied by the Association.

2.    Cardboard and cardboard boxes of all sizes must be broken down and  placed  inside the   dumpster.

3.    Furniture, appliances, water heaters, beds, or other large items, are to be placed in the  bulk trash area.  You are  personally responsible  for the  disposal of  these items in the proper location. These items will not be picked-up by the trash company if left beside or in the  trash receptacles.

4.    All refrigerators are to have doors removed, before leaving in the  bulk trash  area.

5.    Trash, trash bags and furniture are prohibited on, in, under, or around entry areas, walkways, lawns, patios, or balconies, and all common areas.

6.    Liquids must be contained in scaled containers capable of remaining unbroken and leak-free, after being discarded  inside a common trash  receptacle.
7.    All electronics and tires must be taken to the County dump. These items are the responsibility of the homeowner(s) and/or tenant(s), and not the Association. These items are not to be placed in the bulk trash area, or trash receptacles.

8.    Homeowners and tenants are asked to refrain from feeding any animals (i.e., birds, pigeons, geese, stray cats, stray dogs, and squirrels), outside their  homes and/or  near the trash receptacles. Leaving food for these animals causes more harm than good for the animals and the community as a whole.

Therefore, effective  immediately,  a   fine of  $75.00 will be assessed  to  any homeowner and/or tenant in violation of the above stated rules. If you witness a homeowner and/or tenant disposing of  trash and/or furniture improperly,  please note the date, time and unit number involved, and forward this information to the address above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your property manager, Augustine (Gus) D. Altieri, via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your consideration and prompt attention to this matter. Illegal dumping, and improper trash and furniture disposal is costing all /aw abiding homeowners and tenants, increases to their respected Association dues, as well as reducing property values.


The Bienvenue Board of Directors


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